A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my online store!

I’m a mostly self-taught abstract artist and live with my husband on a lake just north of Richmond, Virginia. I have a wonderful son who goes to school at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I love the outdoors, yoga, cooking, reading, and of course, painting! Okay, I like TV and movies too.

Color is my one true love.

I get excited about beautiful color harmonies. Color inspiration can from anywhere—the lake, magazines, design blogs. I have a passion for design, having once been an interior decorator. I’m absolutely addicted to design blogs!

The painting itself is my real inspiration.

Because my process is highly intuitive, I let the painting tell me what it needs. I make a mark and respond to it until it becomes something I love and would hang on my own wall.

I have fallen in love with the process of painting.

Abstract painting is fun! That’s important to me. I think painting should be fun and fearless. I don’t do any planning except color. The rest is intuitive. I'm going for a fresh, spontaneous feel and a painting that feels alive.

Perfection is overrated. 

I want to do passionate work that gives me joy. And that means letting go of the outcome. To get loose, I play music. Dance around. Paint on the floor. Paint with my non-dominant hand. Close my eyes. Anything to let go of control and expectations.

The results are often exciting and always unexpected—something no one has seen before! That’s what I love about abstract art. I hope you enjoy my work.